Awnings and Canopies

We offer a full range of awnings and canopies to protect your doors and windows from the elements and increase the energy efficiency in your space. Oftentimes, the location of our home is nearly as important as the home itself. For those of us lucky enough to have beautiful views, gorgeous backyards, or stylish patios, getting the most out of our home’s location is integral to getting the most out of our lives. Which is why we offer both fabric and metal treatments for your space. Whether you are looking for a shield to go above your front entryway to protect yourself and visitors from rain, a way to keep excess sunlight and heat out of your home to keep your energy bills down, or a means of making your patio more versatile, Blind King in Providence, RI has you covered. Both fabric and metal treatments are available with fixed-arm or roller-arm mechanisms. Both of these options are fashionable, useful, and will blend in seamlessly with the exterior of your home. Our large variety of options for the design of your awning or canopy will ensure that your awning is more than just a tool: it’s also as gorgeous as the rest of your home.



Fixed Arm Aluminum Awning


Roll Up Aluminum Awning


We also offer motorized awnings for added convenience. If you’ve ever thought about getting an awning or canopy for your home but cringe at the thought of having to operate it yourself, never fear, we have an incredibly convenient solution. Motorized awnings give you all the benefits of a traditional awning or canopy, but without any of the fuss or work. This way, you will be able to reap all of the benefits of installing an awning or canopy on your home, but without any of the extra work involved. Motorized awnings are available in fabric only.

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