Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas Blinds

Wood Blinds

While all of Hunter Douglas blinds are going to be beautiful and functional, Hunter Douglas authentic hardwood blinds are the classic window treatments. Constructed out of real, ethically harvested hardwood, their beauty is unmatched in the world of window treatments. But, if you don’t like the extra maintenance that comes with authentic hardwood in your home, you have other options. Hunter Douglas offers wood blind lines to match the style and functionality of any space. Everwood® blinds are made from premium polysterene with TruGrain®, providing the look of natural wood with protection against fading from the sun and warping from moisture. These lines provide all the beauty of real wood without the extra effort that wood entails.


Parkland® Wood Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

For a traditional horizontal blind Hunter Douglas offers a massive selection of Aluminum Blinds. They have brought unique style to the many varieties of aluminum blinds they have to offer. Aluminum blinds have the broadest selection of colors and slat sizes of any of Hunter Douglas blinds. From the macro design which brings a contemporary look to the Natural Elements® collection which has a unique combination of aluminum slats with a real wood valance, to the traditional Celebrity® 1″ blind. On top of being incredibly versatile, Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, requiring only to be wiped down occasionally by a damp cloth or dusted.


The Macro Style Aluminum Blind

Vertical Blinds

While vertical blinds may seem interchangeable with horizontal blinds to some, they actually do serve their own unique variety of purposes, in ways that horizontal blinds can’t.Vertical blinds are ideal for wide window expanses and sliding-glass doors. Hunter Douglas offers an array of design choices such as Skyline®, Cadence®, Somner®, and Vertical Solutions®. Skylines are a patented twist on panel track blinds. They are a sleek, and contemporary panel design that lends modern drama to any decor. Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds are a curved vane that mimics soft drapery folds. They are ideal for elegant styling and translucency. Sooner Vertical Blinds have the largest selection of colors, treatments, and textures, from wood grains and smooth metal finishes to geometric patterns – in fabric, vinyl, and aluminum. lastly the Vertical Solutions are an economical assortment of vertices offered in 3.25 inch styles, patterns and colors. Also available in fabric and vinyl. Whether you have large windows, sliding glass doors, or just want a modern, soft touch added to the windows of any room in your home, vertical blinds from Hunter Douglas are a fantastic choice.


The Cadence Style Vertical Blind