Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades

What are honeycomb shades? Because these unique window treatments are so new and innovative, many have not encountered them before. They are unlike anything else on the window treatment market today, but are most technically a window shade. But rather than being made out of pleated fabric like roman shades, or natural textures like a woven wood shade, honeycomb shades are made out of complexly structured fabric that leaves small pockets, or cells, open within the shade itself. This gives them their unique aesthetic, and earned them the name of “honeycomb shades” because of their resemblance to the inside of a beehive. While their design is striking enough on their own, Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades have one more incredibly exciting advantage: they can save you money. While this may sound odd, the cells within honeycomb shades actually trap air from exiting or entering through your home’s windows. Windows are some of the biggest ways in which our homes lose energy, and so by keeping your air conditioning or heating in your home where it belongs, not only will you be keeping your home more comfortable throughout the year, but you will also be saving yourself money on your home’s energy bills. Keep reading to learn about the different styles of gorgeous Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades!


Hunter Douglas Duette® shades are the revolutionary honeycomb shade that practically reinvented the industry.  Duette® shades come in more than 400 color and fabric combinations, with an array of pleat sizes and up to three honeycomb cells that provide tremendous insulation and energy efficiency.



Similar to Duette®, Hunter Douglas Applause® are honeycombs with a streamlined selection of options.  Applause® are “only” available in 209 color and fabric combinations!



Hunter Douglas Vertiglide™ is a specialty operating system designed for sliding or french doors, or a large wall of windows. This operating system is available in both our Duette® and Applause® honeycomb shade product lines.