Hunter Douglas Shades

Roman Shades

Roman Shades are created with soft sculpted folds to add complexity and style to each room. With beautifully made folds adding elegance and grace to your home will be hassle-free. Hunter Douglas offers roman shades in both its Vignette® and Design™ Studio product lines. Both products come in a tremendous variety of fabrics, colors, fold sizes and lift systems to customize to any space.

Top-down, bottom-up Vignette® with EasyRise™ lift system

Woven Wood Shades

The Provenance® line of woven wood shades are all made of natural fibers including bamboo, grasses, reeds and woods. These natural fibers are combined with the proven functionality and variety of a range of lift systems perfect to bring the outdoors to your space. Enjoy an outdoorsy feel and a natural look with woven wood shades. They will create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere by bringing warmth and beauty to your space. Woven Wood Shades are ideal to lighten up and add sophistication to any space!

Designer Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas’ Designer Roller shades take the traditional roller shade to places your grandparents never thought possible.  Enjoy the simplicity and ease of the roller shade with a splash of sophistication and unique style. With hundreds of material and color combinations, there’s a perfect match for any space. And, because they use either a cord loop or a motor, there’s no more arguing with the spring inside the shade to get it to stop at the right height or go back up. The control, and the style, is immaculate and at the Blind King we offer many options for every fashion style and taste. Add character and personality with Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades.

 Designer Screen Shades

Designer Screen Shades combine the updated mechanical enhancements of the Designer Roller Shades with an array of fabric choices. Designer screen shades are created with a UV blocking compound to ensure you and your family’s protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Designer screen shades not only shield your family from damaging UV rays but they also protect your furniture from becoming worn out, faded or ruined completely. This will not only save you time but also will save you money in the long run when purchasing furniture frequently is not required. Keep your furnishings looking fresh with Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades.  They come with different degrees of openness, to preserve the beauty and light of your view.